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Trails in Fairfax County, Lee District

Fairfax County Trails and Sidewalks Committee
[ Your Host ]Hi!. I'm Bob Michie, and despite the title of this page, I am not a Hobbit.  I just like to get around on a bicycle. When I'm not on a bike, I use Metro and busses. I'll also walk, and even (occasionally) drive a minivan.

The purpose of There and Back Again is to show others how to get around without using a car. I'll also be discussing my activities with the Fairfax County Sidewalks and Trails Committee. Come back often and see what I'm up to!

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Last Updated 11 November, 2014
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Ways to Get to Metro Stations from the Franconia Neighborhoods of Fairfax County

[ Alors! Zee Athletes, we do not steenk! We glow as ze Champs Elizee at Midnight! ]
Would-Be Bicycle Commuters are more frightened of their coworkers noses than of city traffic!