Trail Waiver #8368-WTL-001-1:
Virginia Presbyterian Church

6021 Franconia Road

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
NMTC, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 1 March 2006
Revision 1.2


The subject area is a Fairfax County church located near the intersection of Beulah Road. The trail requirement is for an 8 foot wide Type I asphalt trail along the frontage. Virginia Presbyterian Church asks for a trail waiver for the following reasons:

1.      Installation requires removal of trees and relocation of the Church sign and utility poles..

[ Map of Virginia Presbyterian Church Area ].

Figure 1: Map of Area


Franconia Road has substantial sidewalks on its North and South sides from the intersection of South Van Dorn Street to Commerce Street. Approximately two miles of these sidewalks were constructed with widths varying from four feet six inches to five feet. In the vicinity of Lee High School, the width jumps to eight feet.

The sidewalk on Franconia Road along the Church property is a four and a half foot concrete construction,  approximately 1/10 of a mile in length. The sidewalk is in good condition,  and it is about ten years old. The sidewalk has modern features and curb cuts.

Field Check  26 February 2006

This photograph shows the existing sidewalk at Virginia Presbyterian Church:
[ Va. Presbyterian Church, Westbound view ] Photo 1: South side Franconia Road, facing west. This sidewalk is almost five feet wide. The principal obstacles to construction are utility poles.
[ Va. Presbyterian Church, Eastbound view ] Photo 2: South side of Franconia Road, facing east. A utility pole and overhanging tree branches are in the prospective construction zone.


Deny the waiver for the following reasons:

  1. There are no substantial barriers to construction of a wider trail.
  2. Virginia Presbyterian Church commands a substantial frontage of Franconia Road.

Additional Recommendation:

  1. Allow the design of the trail along Virginia Presbyterian Church to narrow in the vicinity of utility equipment, such as utility poles.


The staff of the Lee District Supervisor recommended granting a waiver in this case because of the small size of the improvement being applied to the property. The recommendation to grant the waiver was accepted.



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