Trail Waiver 7463-WTL-001-1:
JC Pennys
Vicinity of Franconia Road and Loisdale Road.

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
Trails and Sidewalks Committee, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 30 June 2008
Version 1.0


The subject area is located at Springfield Mall, a major shopping center in Fairfax County. JC Penny is a department store located slightly below and to the left of the number "13" in the double circle of the map.  Springfield Mall is in the early stages of a general revitalization which will see large segments of the present Mall raised and remodeled.

The applicant is required to provide a major paved trail on Loisdale Road along its property frontage. The applicant is going to split its property away from the Mall as a whole in order to simplify the coordination process for the redevelopment of the entire Springfield Mall site. The request is to waive the trail requirement for the following reasons:

  1. No JC Penny specific development is planned for the new parcel (to be known as "Parcel 6B") after the split.
  2. As part of the rezoning submission for the entire Springfield Mall site, a major trail will be provided along Loisdale Road. The redevelopment of Springfield Mall is tracked as RZ/FDP 2007-LE-007.

[ Springfield Mall at the JC Penny corner ]

Figure 1: Map of Subject Area


Figure 1 shows only a segment of Springfield Mall. The frontage has been modified many times since the Mall opened in the early 1970's. Since that time, VDOT projects have provided a major pedestrian and bicycle passageway to Springfield north of the Mall along Commerce Street. Loisdale Road aligns with Commerce Street. South of the Mall, Loisdale Road has a pedestrian and bicycle trail that runs down to the Newington area where users can join the pedestrian and bicycle trails along Telegraph Road. Potential BRAC relocation sites are found along this corridor. These major trails are eight feet wide, but the sidewalks at the Mall choke the pedestrian route down to five feet.

Field Check  29 June 2008

The photograph shows the existing sidewalk area around the consolidated property.

[ Loisdale Road at Spring Mall Road ]

Photo 1: Loisdale Road at Spring Mall Road looking north. The sidewalk at this point is five feet wide.

[ Loisdale Road at the JC Penny entrance ]

Photo 2: Loisdale Road at Loisdale Court intersection. A right turn at this point takes motorists directly to the vicinity of JC Penny. Note that the sidewalk disappears to provide space for the right turn lane.

There is considerable regional interest in the Springfield Mall redevelopment plans. There is also a strong desire to integrate all the area's sidewalks and trails plans to take into account the BRAC initiative which is proceeding in parallel with the changes to the Mall.


Grant the Waiver for the following reasons:

  1. The Springfield Mall pedestrian circulation plan should consider the Mall as a single entity. Doing it business-by-business, even for a national chain such as JC Penny, makes no sense.

The trail and sidewalk requirements for Springfield Mall will be considered as part of RZ/FDP 2007-LE-007.



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