Trail Waiver #5318-WTL-001-1:
BB&T Bank

7025A Manchester Blvd.

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
NMTC, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 27 April 2006
Revision 2.2


The subject area is a branch banking facility located at the intersection of Beulah Street and Manchester Lakes Boulevard. The trail requirement is for an 6 foot wide Type I asphalt trail along the Manchester Boulevard frontage. Beulah Street requires an 8-foot asphalt trail within a 12-foot trail easement or a 10-foot trail within VDOT right-of-way. BB&T Bank asks for a trail waiver along Beulah Street for the following reasons:

1.      There is a four-foot on-road bike trail along Beulah Street.

[ BB&T Bank at Manchester Lakes Shopping Center ]

Figure 1: Map of Area


Manchester Blvd. has substantial sidewalks on its North and South sides from the intersection of South Van Dorn Street to Beulah Street. The sidewalks are a mixture of asphalt in most areas and concrete in others. The one that borders the Festival at Manchester Lakes Shopping Center is asphalt construction of varying width.

Photo 1 shows a bus shelter in the middle distance. The trail is eight feet wide from the intersection of Beulah Street to the bus shelter, a distance of approximately 200 feet. The trail reduces to five feet eight inches in width from the bus shelter to the intersection with Silver Lake Boulevard (the traffic lights beyond the bus shelter) approximately 135 feet away.

Photo 3 shows Beulah Street's five-foot wide concrete sidewalk and four-foot wide bike lane. The bank falling away from the sidewalk can be quite steep. It is about three feet at the intersection and descends to almost five feet as you approach the trees in Photo 3.

Field Check  4 April 2006 (supplemental visit on 4/22/2006)

These photographs shows the existing sidewalks near the bank:
[BB&T Property area: Manchester Blvd. Looking East] Photo 1: North side Beulah Street, facing east. The sidewalk is eight feet up to the bus shelter, and then it narrows to five feet six inches.
[BB&T Property area: Manchester Blvd. Looking West] Photo 2: North side of Manchester Blvd., facing west. The prospective construction zone is clear of obstacles, and the bank is shallower.
[ Beulah Street Facing North ] Photo 3: East side of Beulah Street, facing north. The principal obstacle is the steep bank beside the sidewalk.


Deny the waiver for the following reasons:

  1. The trail requirement is met on Manchester Boulevard.
  2. There are no substantial barriers to construction of a wider trail.
  3. The Bank commands a substantial frontage of both roads.

Additional Recommendation:

  1. Allow the design of the trail along Beulah Street to narrow in the vicinity of utility equipment, such as utility poles.


This recommendation (Release 2.2) is still under review at the time of last page edit. Check back for updates.



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