Trail Waiver #1343-SP-005-1:
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Cinder Bed Road

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
Trails and Sidewalks, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 9 October 2007
Revision 2.0


The subject area is an industrial property located near the northern end of Cinder Bed Road in the Newington Section of Fairfax County . The trail requirement is for a Type IV minor paved concrete trail spanning the frontage of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise asks for a trail waiver for the following reasons:

  1. The area is currently zoned I-4, I-5, and I-6. No significant pedestrian traffic is anticipated.
  2. No trail currently exists on either side of the property, and there are no plans to construct a trail.

[ Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Cinder Bed Road. Lot 15. ].

Figure 1: Map of Area

The Area of Interest are Lots 15 and 15A.


Cinder Bed Road has almost no sidewalks on its northern end. The area is all  industrial, and connections to the residential areas to the East are tenuous at best. What sidewalks present in the area are disconnected segments found on the East side of the road south of Lot 27. A real sidewalk does not appear for about 3/10th of a mile south of the area shown in Figure 1.

The Northern area of Cinder Bed Road is up for redevelopment. Fencing is up on Lots 20 and 26, and other lots are up for sale.

Field Check  2 September 2007

[ Cinder Bed Road North of Enterprise Rent-a-Car ] Photo 1: Northern end of Cinder Bed Road, facing South. The chain link fence on the right is the beginning of the Enterprise property.
[ Enterprise Property Entrance ] Photo 2: Enterprise Customer Property Entrance. Note the curbing and curb cuts. This photo is 150 feet south of Photo 1.
[ Enterprise Rent-A-Car Frontage ] Photo 3: Enterprise Property Frontage. No barriers to construction are in the area. (photo 9/23/2007)


Deny the waiver for the following reasons:

  1. The area around Enterprise is being redeveloped by the property owners.
  2. Industrial areas need safe pedestrian passageways as much as residential areas do.



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