Trail Waiver #024604:
Target at Alexandria Hybla Valley (8/15/02)

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
NMTC, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 21 August 2002


The subject area is located on US Route 1, near the intersection of Southgate Drive. The site currently has a Service Merchandise store, currently closed:

[Site of Trail Waiver #024604, Target Merchandise on Route 1, Hybla Valley]

Applicant's Request: Waive the construction of the trail, because Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is currently working on a location study for the Route 1 corridor which is expected to be completed in early 2003, and the VDOT plan will include streetscape improvement and the trail.


The red stripes that parallel Route 1 on the map is the code for a Major Paved Off-road Trail along frontage in this area. This property is also part of the Richmond Highway Corridor Area (RHCA), and the RHCA Plan has additional requirements. See Page 64 of 159 and Page 72 of 159 of the Area IV Comprehensive Plan (2000). This Plan specifies an 8' wide curb edge landscape strip, a 10' asphalt trail and a 7' wide landscaped screening strip along the Route 1 frontage (i.e. a total trail corridor of 25'). For details see Fig. 17 on Page 72/159.

This particular area is also of interest to the Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation ( SFDC is a public/private nonprofit organization which has a mission of increasing the quality of life along the Richmond Highway (Route 1) corridor. SFDC already has a vision as to what the economic development in the subject area will look like in a few years.


Deny the waiver for the following reasons:

  1. VDOT generally studies major arterials five to ten years before construction commences. In this case, a construction date for the subject area has not been established. The Location Study, according to a VDOT newsletter, will not be completed until late 2003.
  2. The area around Southgate Drive (i.e. the present Beacon Mall) will be redeveloped before the VDOT project enters its construction phase.
  3. The Target frontage represents a substantial stretch of road in the redevelopment area.

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