Trail Waiver# 8707-WTL-001-1:
CVS Pharmacy at Route 1

Lee Planning District
MV-2 Planning Sector,
Richmond Highway and Lockheed Boulevard

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
Trails and Sidewalk Committee, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 29 June 2014
Revision 2


Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. has filed a request to construct a CVS Pharmacy on their property in the Lee Planning District  (Tax Map #094-1 ((78)) B, D, and E). 

The requestor is asking Fairfax County to waive the bicycle trail construction requirement that the request requires. Specifically, waive the requirement for an on-road  bicycle lane on the Richmond Highway (Route 1) frontage.

  1. The "...tight geometry of the site and surrounding roadway infrastructure of Route One and adjoining service road makes any additional roadway widening difficult."

  2. The applicant offers a ten-foot wide asphalt trail across the Route One frontage of the property to use in place of the bike lane.

[ CVS Property Hybla Valley/ Rt. 1 Area ]

Map 1: Map of Subject Area: Site of future CVS property (in yellow)


Map 1 shows the property, which is located in the Richmond Highway/Route One Corridor Commercial Area of the Hybla Valley Planning District. The property is a consolidated corner lot at the intersection of Lockheed Boulevard and Richmond Highway. Fordson Road is residential to the south and commercial to the north.  The Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan for the Richmond Highway Corridor plans for a predominately retail/industrial character for properties adjoining Richmond Highway and a mixture of residential uses just a block away on either side of the Highway. 

Richmond Highway has existing four-foot wide sidewalks in the area. A service road is available from the CVS property that goes south for a half-mile. There is a busy bus stop on Richmond Highway near the southeast corner of the property.

The property is also bounded by Fordson Road and Lockheed Boulevard. Both thoroughfares have existing four-foot sidewalks on both sides. The property in the map labeled "Fordson Manor" is actually a Verizon Telephone service structure, and there is a gap in the sidewalk connecting property 78C to it.

During the field check on 22 June, only four bicyclists were observed going through the area in a 15 minute period. However, there were were 37 pedestrians moving through the area, and half of them were starting or ending their trips at the bus stop in Photo 1.

Field Check  22 June 2014

Photo 1: Richmond Highway looking South. The subject property is actually the present Exxon Station. The bus stop, sidewalk, and service road are visible. Note the people waiting in the shade across the service road from the bus stop. They are waiting for a car to arrive to pick them up.
Photo 2: Lockheed Boulevard looking North. The subject property (Lots 78B and 78C) are on the right. Richmond Highway is directly ahead.
Photo 3: Fordson Road looking West. The subject property (Lots 78B and 78C) are on the right. The existing sidewalk ends at the property's boundary approximately at the telephone pole at the edge of the tree line.



Approve the Waiver for the following reasons:

  1. A wider sidewalk along the Richmond Highway/Route One service road will be of more value to residents and bus patrons than a bicycle lane.
  2. ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDATION: ask the applicants to provide a wider sidewalk (eight-feet) along the Lockheed Boulevard frontage. Many pedestrians  using the Richmond Highway bus stop were also using Lockheed Boulevard.



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