Trail Waiver 3639-WTL-001-1:
Clermont Woods Infill Project
Vicinity of 4201-4203
Elmwood Drive

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
Trails and Sidewalks Committee, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 3 April 2008
Version 2.0


The subject area is located on the south side of Elmwood Drive, in the vicinity of the Clermont Pedestrian/Biker Trail. It is located in the Clermont Woods subdivision.

The applicant requests that a trail waiver be granted because a four-foot sidewalk already exists in the area. The application proposes to construct a five-foot wide bike lane along the east bound direction of Elmwood Drive in conjunction with the frontage improvements pursuant to all the County and VDOT standards.


[ Elmwood Drive: Map of Subject Area ]

Figure 1: Map of Subject Area
Tax Map 82-1-004: Lots 14 and 11A


Figure 1 shows the Subject Area highlighted in red. The Clermont Drive to Eisenhower Avenue Pedestrian Trail Connector is visible in the northwest corner of the map. Elmwood Drive is approximately 1.75 miles long. It is an important bicycle link that makes it possible for cyclists to move safely from the Franconia Road and South Van Dorn Street area to Telegraph Road and Huntington Avenue. Single family homes, from "starters" to very elaborate properties, line Elmwood Drive. Lots 14 and 11A are being consolidated and subdivided into Lots 14A, 14B, and 14C. The frontage in the Subject Area is substantial: approximately 245 linear feet. An existing four foot wide concrete sidewalk is on the North side of Elmwood Drive, opposite the properties. 

Field Check  23 March 2008

These photograph shows the Subject Area's site (4201/4203 Elmwood Road).

[ 4201/4203 Elmwood Road (Lots 14 and 11A ]

Two homes are on Lot 14: 4201 and 4203 Elmwood Drive. Elmwood itself is wider at this point than it is towards the East. There is a significant falloff at the southern side of the road, but it is not a ditch. The Northern side of the street  (where the camera is located for the second picture) features curbs, gutters and a four foot wide sidewalk.

Traffic along Elmwood Drive tends to be very light during most of the day. It picks up substantially during rush hours, because neighborhoods to the South and West take advantage of Elmwood to get to Telegraph Road, Huntington Avenue, the Beltway, and the City of Alexandria. Nevertheless, Elmwood remains a safe route for bicyclists throughout the day. A bicycle lane restricted to just the frontage along the present Lot 14 will constitute approximately 2.6% of the entire Elmwood Drive bicycle corridor.


Deny the Waiver for the following Reason:

bulletElmwood Drive does not need a Bike Lane.

Build the sidewalk required by subdivision ordinance.



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