Trail Waiver# 3639-WSW-002-1:
Clermont Section 1, Lot 51

Rose Hill Planning District, RH2, Vicinity 5659 Glenwood Drive

  Article Prepared By Robert Michie
Trails and Sidewalk Committee, Lee District
Last Reviewed: 8 April 2012
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An Individual has filed a a request to subdivide a home site in the Rose Hill Planning District  (Tax Map #082-1-04-0051) into two home sites. There is an existing house on the property which is located at 5659 Glenwood Drive. No dwelling construction is planned at this time. The ultimate plan is to remove the existing house, and build two new homes on the subdivided plot.

The requestor is asking Fairfax County to waive the sidewalk construction requirement that the subdivision request requires. The requestor claims the following hardships:

  1. The road alignment in the area (a "T" intersection with no straight angles) is irregular, and requires significant grading.

  2. A significant number of tress will have to be removed.

  3. There is an existing sidewalk network along nearby streets.

[ Site Map for Rose Hill RH2 Clermont Lot 51 ]

Map 1: Map of Subject Area. Property marked by arrow.


Map 1 shows the existing property, which will be split diagonally into Lot 51a and Lot 51b. Clermont Drive is to the right of the property, and it runs north (to the top of the map) towards the Clermont Pedestrian Walk-Through in the vicinity of the Eisenhower Avenue Exit from I-495. That area is known as the "Eisenhower Extender," and it is heavily used by bicycle commuters. Upland Drive, which runs diagonally from the lower left corner of the map towards the property in the center is also a major bicycle route, and this route appears on the County-Wide Trails Map.

The hills in the area tend to be steep and long, and are only lightly used by pedestrians Glenwood Drive, which anchors at Clermont Drive and then winds around the left of the property, does provide pedestrian access to Eisenhower Avenue, the Van Dorn Metro Station, and to the recreational facilities along Eisenhower, but it is not frequently used by weekday travelers. The right turn around Lot 51 on Glenmont Drive has an unfortunate blind spot for drivers. A sign just before the right turn warns motorists that a pedestrian walkway is nearby.

The area shown in Map 1 is at the upper end of residential traffic. Observation during the Field Check clocked an estimated 150 automobile trips an hour around 1 PM on a Sunday, along with 20 bicycle riders, but only eight pedestrians.

Field Check  8 April 2012

[ Clermont Lot 51. No walking shoulders.] Photo 1: Lot 51 looking Northwest. Glenwood Dr. is turning to the right. No walking shoulder, but there is a sidewalk at the camera's position.
[ Clermont Lot 51. Steep banks, large trees.] Photo 2: Lot 51 looking SE. Lot 51 starts just beyond the driveway on the left. Note the steep bank. About eight large trees are within 12 feet of the edge of the street.



Approve the Waiver for the following reasons:

  1. There is a network of sidewalks in the area.
  2. Traffic volume is acceptably low, and cars must decelerate to handle the turns on Glenmont Drive.
  3. Loss of the trees on the corner will dramatically change the street aspect for all users and residents.
  4. This area is not heavily used by pedestrians, but is a major bicycle route.



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